Leave A Light On – Recovery Day

Posted in News on 6th October 2020

The HSE, in conjunction with the Recovery Academy of Ireland, developed the ‘Leave A light On’ campaign as part of the global celebration of recovery day (30 September).

As part of International Recovery Day, Cork City Hall, was lit up in a bid to offer hope of recovery from addiction for individuals, families and communities.

“The Leave a light on campaign serves a beacon of hope, signifying that help is available and that people can and do recover,” said Project Coordinator of the Recovery Academy of Ireland, Paul Duff.

“It gives me great pride to see well-known buildings light up purple this year. It takes enormous courage and commitment for people to enter recovery. Often people have to overcome marginalisation, stigmatisation and in many cases trauma,” he said.

“Recovery month is an opportunity to recognise their achievements and to celebrate people individual journeys to get to where they are now.”

Recovery month was a great success in Cork City this year as a lot of organisations and services agreed to having there buildings lit up purple to show there support for recovery.  In addition to COrk City Hall, some of the other buildings lit up included the Cork Foyer, the Traveller Visibility Group, Churchfield Community Trust , the Bessborough Centre and also several of the Recovery Academy members houses.

The Lord Mayor of Cork did a pre-recorded speech about recovery and the Recovery Academy Ireland.

It was great to be apart of and the sense of solidarity within the Cork Community was felt. People really went above and beyond and hopefully next year will be even bigger.

Visit Recovery Academy Ireland for more info