Concerned Person / Child and Family

**Please be familiar with Children First policy**

Why we ask about concerned persons, children and family

When people develop a problem with drugs and/or alcohol, positive involvement and support of parents, families and concerned significant others can make a significant difference to the person’s health and their ability to address their problematic use. Often family members are those most affected by a loved one’s substance abuse. Supporting family members in their own right to respond effectively to what is a very stressful situation can improve their quality of life. There are many interventions aimed at supporting concerned persons and working with family members to eliminate blame and identify ways of responding to a difficult situation can be effective. A solution-focused approach to resolving the needs of a Service User and family is appropriate.

Where issues such as family break-up, access to children/children in care, children or other family members’ behaviour, parenting support, addiction and family homelessness (or threat of), become apparent, discussing support options with Service Users is appropriate.